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Cosgriff Manifesto

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Facebook and blog posts have recently come to light within the J.E. Cosgriff community, posted by Father Erik Richtsteig, that cannot be described as anything but hateful and bigoted.  Fr. Erik has been assigned by Bishop Solis to begin his ministry at St. Ambrose Parish/Cosgriff School as of August 1, 2019.  Knowing what we know – having seen what we have seen – this is unfathomable to us.  But, we love our school.  We love our school community.  So we will not walk away.  But, we won’t bury our heads in the sand, either.  As parents, we will stand together to continue to create the school, the education, and the atmosphere we want for our children.      

Cosgriff is a place that teaches students to walk the path that Jesus, the Christ, has laid before us.  It is a path of love, compassion, and unconditional regard and acceptance.  The principal, teachers, and staff daily lead the way in teaching these essential virtues through their words, actions, and example.  As parents, we expect and will accept nothing less than these standards being taught to our children.  There is no place for hatred, bigotry, or intolerance in our school.  We commit to calling it out any and every time we hear it or see it, whether it’s subtle or overt.  We commit to battling hatred with love.  We commit to shining our light so that any darkness that tries to creep in will be exposed.  We commit to standing closely by those in our community who feel unsafe by Fr. Erik’s placement among us. 

Our children are our greatest gifts.  More than anyone, we, as their parents are charged with their care, their safety, and their growth in faith.  Yet, “it takes a village” as the African proverb says.  Cosgriff is our village.  And it’s a good one.  It’s full of amazing kids surrounded by kind, loving adults who deeply care.  We stand arm in arm in this village and this stance feels more important than ever.  The burden given to our community to bear as we enter this 2019-2020 school year feels less heavy as we stand side by side.  Together.  United in our common goal.

Please sign this manifesto as a way to virtually link arms with others in the Cosgriff parent community.  And also as a way to voice discontent with Bishop Solis about Fr. Erik’s placement among us.  The list of signers will be shared with him.  

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