Petition Closed


• Parents choose to send their children to St. John the Baptist because of its long history of providing an excellent faith-based education to children in the community.

• The administration at St. John the Baptist School is supposed to work with parents in preparing children to learn and live by Catholic Christian virtues.

• The most valuable assets of St. John the Baptist School are its students, families and teachers.

• Many students, families and teachers are leaving St. John the Baptist School because Catherine Kos and Fr. Tom Cargo are ineffective leaders. They refuse to respond to concerns or answer questions raised by school families and parishioners regarding the future of the school.

• Catherine Kos and Fr. Tom Cargo have made poor decisions regarding enrollment, faculty and curriculum without the input of faculty members, school board members, parish council, and/or school families.

• In order for St. John the Baptist to remain a successful Catholic school in the Diocese of Joliet, St. John the Baptist needs to retain its teachers and increase enrollment. This cannot be done with Catherine Kos as Principal and Fr. Tom Cargo as Pastor.

• The poor leadership within our parish and school has had a negative impact on attendance and financial offerings at Mass.

Letter to
Executive Assistant Alex Rechenmacher
Diocese of Joliet Bishop R. Daniel Conlon (Diocese of Joliet)
Remove Catherine Kos and Fr. Tom Cargo from St. John the Baptist.