STOP! The abuses and irreverence at the mass. We need reverence brought back to the mass.

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1. STOP! People from receiving THE EUCHARIST in the hand unless in cases of EXTRAORDINARY circumstances.

2. STOP! The use of extraordinary ministers unless under EXTRAORDINARY circumstances, hence the name extraordinary ministers.

3. Bring back the patens, we must realise it is Jesus' body, soul and divinity we receive in THE EUCHARIST we should ensure that He is not defiled in any possible way.

4. STOP! People from shaking hands during THE SACRIFICE of the mass.

5. STOP! People going up on to the altar to do readings, the priest is perfectly capable of doing the readings himself.

I see no reason behind any of these changes or how they helped the Church, I see that they only harmed the Church and now we must return to the more traditional and reverent form of the mass.