Keep our Fathers at St Francis de Sales and St Gertrude

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On Sunday, 13th May 2018, Father Ugochukwu Nnanji announced his departure from St. Francis and St. Gertrude Church. This news came as a shock and created unease and discomfort within parishioners who have grown to love him over the years. However, this shock departure is becoming a reoccurring event in the church and over the last few decades, Priests have been bullied out of the church by a minority within the church. This can no longer be tolerated.

The Voice of St. Francis have decided to speak out. It is unfair that an allegation of misconduct is made by a small number in the church which does not reflect the views or experience of the majority and without an investigation or the right to a fair trial, Fathers are being removed from the church. This is affecting the continuity of the church.

While the reason for Father Ugo’s departure was not clear, his “safety and the good of the church” were mentioned in his announcement. This choice of words created insecurity and discomfort. Parishioners need certainty that their welfare will not be compromised by continuing to attend the church. 

Father Ugo must remain at St. Francis de Sales and St. Gertrude 

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