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Geo Garcia is known to many as an amazing teacher, friend & man. I think we can all agree he is one of the sweetest people we have ever met. Throughout his time at BKHS, he would always make his students feel loved and cared about, and most importantly, would NEVER hurt anyone the way BKHS has hurt him. 

This is why when I heard about his termination from the school, a year after his tragic car accident, I was appalled by what I read. This man has been fighting over a year to return to Kearney, his rightful home, a place he has been loyal to for years, a place he commuted to from New Jersey without ever missing a day & shockingly, now the same place that is terminating his benefits, leaving him with no health insurance or compensation.

Bishop Kearney is a school that I love and hold dear to my heart. It is a place where I have created beautiful relationships with students and faculty, including Mr. Garcia. It is a place where I was taught "to stand up for justice and the truth", as our school song proudly exclaims. However, the school that I went to for four years would never be so cruel to deny a recovering man his deserving rights. I am asking all of my Kearney sisters, Alumni, faculty, family & friends to sign this petition for Bishop Kearney to reconsider his termination so that he could continue to recieve benefits as he recovers and allow him to return to Kearney mid-year as he was promised. #JUSTICEFORMRGARCIA

*the picture seen above was posted to the Once a Kearney Girl, always a Kearney Girl FB group by Robert Manisero. I do not take credit for those words.