The Dismissal of all Sexual Predators in Covenant University and related institutions

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It has come 



The reason for this is to remove from the system EVERY sexual predator of female students from Covenant University and any other educational institution under the authority of the Living Faith Ministry 

It has come to our notice that a number of male members of staff in Covenant University have have sexual relationships with students over the years, either by mutual agreement or psychological blackmail. Some at the highest level and some at the lowest. These students are usually aged between 14 years and 19 years on the average.

So we are calling for the PUBLIC removal of every sexual predator in Covenant University by the management, irrespective or the position to fellow occupies. They must be arraigned publicly within the school compound as an example to any potential offender.

They must not be reintegrated into the Educational System of the Living Faith Ministry by being transferred out to a sister institution e.g Landmark University or any other sister educational institution.