Keep El Teatro Campesino Christmas Celebrations at Mission San Juan Bautista

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Claudia Melendez
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El Teatro Campesino has held its Christmas pageants at Mission San Juan Bautista for nearly half a century. These plays, held in a sacred space, have not just provided a beautiful, blessed way to celebrate the season, but have also commemorated the encounter of European and Indigenous North American cultures in a healing way. 

El Teatro Campesino recently announced the plays will no longer be held at the Mission because of the need to install permanent pews for safety reasons. Sadly, this will prevent the space from hosting the plays as the performances require the usage of the center of the church. It would be great if an alternative was found that would allow for the plays to continue to be performed at the church. 

El Teatro's Christmas pageants have always brought tears to my eyes and I have shared it with many friends and family members. They are one of the only ways in which Latinos in the U.S. can come to terms with their shared Indigenous and European heritages. It would be a terrible loss for all Latinos in the U.S. to lose this precious, sacred celebrations.