CCTV and LOCKED GATES in Bishop Auckland Cemetery

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Have you had a headstone damaged in bishop Auckland cemetery???

I have created this page for everybody to beable to sign regarding the massive vandalising problem the cemetery has at the moment. I am hoping to get enough response from this page to beable to take it higher and hopefully this will be a massive help in starting the ball rolling on getting something done to stop this. CCTV and LOCKED GATES are just two things that can be done to stop these evil people doing any more damage!!

I have a baby girl in bishop Auckland cemetery and it breaks my heart that she cannot be left in peace, 26 baby headstones have been ruined last night and it’s heartbreaking.

Speaking to a councillor today she explained she’s basically the only person in authority that’s trying to do something about this. The rest are just trying to brush it under the carpet as they don’t have the money to “waste”!! She has so much passion about trying to resolve this issue but she can’t do it alone so I’m taking upon myself to try and help out as much as I can.

PLEASE PLEASE SIGN it will really make a difference!!

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