Preserve the Parish of St. Anne's

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Your Eminence, Your Grace,

We, the parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Anne in Scarborough, humbly request your Holy Prayers and paternal intervention. Thanks to the endless grace of Almighty God and tireless labours of our parish priest, Rev. Fr. Volodymyr Feskiv, we enjoy stable and active liturgical life. The parish continue to grow numerically and spiritually. After long hiatus, the Church opened its Sunday School for the third consecutive year. Along with the rich calendar of services, parishioners were offered opportunities to participate in spiritual talks, cultural events, and monastery pilgrimages. Although we have our share of challenges, Rev. Father along with the legitimate Church Executive work diligently to keep and develop our community for the glory of God and the salvation of His Church.

Unfortunately, not every member of the community shares our wish for a stable and growing faith community. We were dismayed to learn that some anonymous individuals, including former leaders of our community, reached out to you and to the members of the Consistory of UOCC in order to cast aspersions to our parish life. We do not know the nature of these grievances, as the instigators only share them among their trusted circle. We had reached out to the Executive members and to Reverend Father for clarity and comfort. Alas, they are also kept in the dark. We hear from our friends and neighbours from within Toronto UOCC community various rumors regarding alleged misdeeds and financial trouble at St. Anne's, attributed to "sources" in our own parish. In reality, St. Anne's church is able to meet its financial commitments, despite some roadblocks. The real situation is nowhere near as serious as in the recent past.

Nevertheless, some of our brothers and sisters chose to believe dark rumors and innuendo. They refuse to engage with the Executive and the Priest and do not participate in the weekly fellowship in our church hall. We fear that some rumor mongers among them are tempted by the substantial value of church lands and buildings on our property. We strongly object to the prospect that our legacy could be sold, ostensibly to address the overblown fears regarding our finances. This would be to the detriment of the future of St. Anne's, though may benefit the few.

Please, Your Eminence, Your Grace, protect our parish and preserve it for future generations. He humbly ask to:

1) Engage with the Church Executive and Rev. Fr. Volodymyr in order to clear any misconceptions;

2) Reject any attempts to change legal structure and ownership of the Parish and its lands, keeping in firmly in control of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada;

3) Condemn and prevent any proposed selloff of any properties attached to the Parish;

4) Gently counsel the agitated parties and lead them to resolve their differences with the 2018 Executive in strict adherence to the By-Laws and respecting the conciliar legacy that is our proud legacy;

5) Work with the Parish Community in order to properly celebrate the 60ies Anniversary of the Parish this year.

 Asking for your Hierarchical Blessings,

St. Anne's Parishioners