Help Priest fight back and save his church from BULLIES!!!

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Due to the corruption in and around St Joseph Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, Fr Tuyen Vu made a stand against this corruption flowing throughout our church.

After serving only 2 years of his allotted 6 year placement there has been pressure brought on the bishop to move him.

There have been lies and allegations brought about him, ultimately he was setup on the last attack in a way that was hard to disprove, however, the incident was captured on CCTV proving it was bogus, also following this bogus claim Fr Tuyen Vu can be seen suffering yet another verbal attack from a long time parishoner who uses his standing in the community to persecute the hardest working priest St Joseph church has ever seen.

Fr Tuyen works so hard for the church he loves and stands up to the handful of bullies that have been successful in getting what they want from other priests for years, they have continued to persecute him and look for ways to oust him.

The Bishop has given in to their pressure and plans to move Fr Tuyen out of the church in August 2019 if we cannot get him to change his mind, Fr Tuyen will be made to take a one year break from the church and be faced with the uncertainty of knowing if or when he will be coming back to our diocese.

Please join us in our petition to keep our beloved Fr Tuyen Vu at St Joseph Church in Prince Albert and help stand up against the bullying that is present there.