Reopen nominations for VP Experience in BCU Student Union

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After almost 5 years as a student in Birmingham city university, I’ve interacted with students on a personal and professional level. If you have never heard of Kathy-Zoe or Zoe, it’s not because you don’t know me but it’s probably because I have been in the background hoping to create the best experience for you in the university itself be it as an international or EU/Home student. From welcome talks,faculty meetings, international festivals, culture weeks, feedback forums to the normal basic interactions in lifts,I work hard to engage the system and effect real changes. I’m a current law student with a strong belief in a system that works for everyone and not targeted groups. Help me to sign this petition and allow the students to be well represented by someone who’s been there, someone willing to listen, someone who can back up their facts with real evidence, I’m willing to go that extra mile to change a persons life. Let’s talk about mental health, let’s improve the environment we learn in because it’s all about you, your university journey and students coming after you. Whatever changes we make now, will go a long way. A single journey starts with one step. Please leave any comments of what’s happening in the university that you wish to change and I will take it up as I move on even if I am not elected.