Birmingham - Get people Cycling

Birmingham - Get people Cycling

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Our wish is for Birmingham to have a more inclusive, safer and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation for its community.  We want to take this message to Birmingham City Council Transport Department to make a standpoint as they rethink urban transportation and plan our city to be more bicycle friendly. Now that we are coming out of the “lockdown” phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic we need to continue what has begun towards cleaning the air for a healthier future. We can no longer live like the previous generations and take the resources around us for granted. We want this petition to inspire people to care and act. 

As we know, the Midlands is a “Pollution Hotspot” and registered as one of the worst in the UK which is due to the exhaust pipes of the lorries and cars that zip by along the M1, M6 and M40 and the cars that crawl along the streets of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton.  The street outside the Birmingham Children’s Hospital is among the 10 areas in the city with levels of nitrogen dioxide that have risen above health guidelines in the past five years.

Roy Harrison, an air pollution expert at the University of Birmingham said an opportunity could slip away. “If the public saw this as a real option, as a win-win for improving the environment and stimulating the economy, we’d be a little healthier and leading the world in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions”.

William Bloss, a professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Birmingham, said the public had been given a demonstration that local action could make a big difference. He said “I think it has increased our appetite for change and society’s willingness to do things differently”

According to the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air the improvement in air quality over the past month of the coronavirus lockdown has led to 11,000 fewer deaths from pollution in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, a study has revealed.

Sharp falls in road traffic and industrial emissions have also resulted in 1.3m fewer days of work absence, 6,000 fewer children developing asthma, 1,900 avoided emergency room visits and 600 fewer preterm births.  The authors of this report has offered a glimpse of the cleaner, healthier environment that is possible if the world shifts away from polluting fossil fuel industries. The French government is taking measures by reallocating road space for cyclists and pedestrians as well as planning to reduce car traffic by offering subsidies to use bicycles as a mode of transport.

Paul Tomlinson, cycling director at Halfords said “with a public transport heavily reduces and social distancing measures likely to stay in place for some time, we think many more people will turn to cycling as an alternative way of commuting.”  According to the company’s research, 55% of people want more government investment in cycling, 40% want dedicated cycle lanes on every road and 20% want more places to park and lock bikes.

The current cyclepath on the Bristol Road into the City Centre is a fantastic achievement towards getting more people on their bikes and making our city cleaner and greener and now is the time to plan more of these paths for the future of Birmingham.

In light of this reality, we call upon our city planners to use this time to build a safer and more sustainable infrastructure for cycling and to rethink urban transport.

For which, we need the Birmingham City Council transport planners to:

1. Create more cyclepaths from more areas around the city and across suburbia.

2. Parking bays on busy roads to be removed and alternative parking to be found in supermarkets and businesses that have the extra capacity.

3. Clear signage for cyclepaths into the city from all suburbs e.g. cycles printed on bus lanes showing shared use.

4. Build infrastructure for cycling, for example junction lights to incorporate cycles, cycle lock up areas and identify passages away from roads that can be utilised for cyclists.

5. Cyclists to be given priority on all roads.

7. Provide public transport services to cyclists where they can use buses/trams with their bikes.

8. Information via an app showing where reputable repair and service facilities are available around the city.

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