Birmingham City Council to give back the Drum Building to the Black Community #IAN WARD

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The black community of Birmingham are vulnerable minority who has no building to push their background traditional cultural objectives for their diverse community. All other communities in Birmingham have several community Centers. We feel it will only be fair for the BME Community to have a location from the local authority to cater for their community.   

The Drum was liquidated and closed its doors end of June 2016. Birmingham City Council statement stipulated that the offers received to be reported and acceptance by a target date of 22/7/2018. (Assuming a satisfactory market value Offer has not being received). Offers to be reported to the Leader as a property transaction. In the event that a sale is not achieved through this process, then the Council will proceed and offer the property for sale at a public auction during the autumn 2018. Birmingham City Council options will remain open until then but, beyond this, it is not clear what, if any intention plans exist for the Black Minority Ethnic Communities from Birmingham City Council to offer similar building for the Drum itself if, the location is Offered to highest bidder in a public auction.

The Drum is the only cultural provider of the city and it is the only arts and cultural centre in the UK dedicated to serving a wide range of Black and Minority Ethnic Communities who are often not represented in mainstream arts and cultural provision. The Drum is a vital cultural asset of Community Value Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012. if it permanently closes it will have a detrimental impact on Vulnerable BAME artists and audiences who engage with their work. As such, it is important that everyone lends their support to doing whatever is necessary to keeping it open.

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