Stop trying to close Birmingham's Children Nurseries

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Stop the requirement for nurseries to pay living wage at least until you have increased free education funding for nursery children in a manner acceptable to the cities nurseries.


There are ongoing changes to the nursery education funding terms and conditions. One of particualr importance is the requirnment for nurseries to pay the Living wage at £7.65 per hour. Most of a childrens nursery income goes to paying staff salaries. This increase will mean that a relatively small nursery will have to find up to £40,000 extra per year and also have to deal with work place pensions.

In effect a level 2 worker with no experience will get the same rate as a level 6 worker with a lifetime of experience in many nurseries. Some larger nurseries or chains may be able to allow diffrentiation between levels but I doubt it will be much more than a few pence. 

Nurseries in more well off areas will have to survive by increaseing childcare cost to compensate whereas those in the poorer areas of the City that are doing a vital job in protecting the city's young may have to close.

Nurseries will not get any help nor will the free entiltement going to go up. Currently they city will pay a nursery less than some childminders would charge for an hourly rate per child (3-4 year old).

A city witht he worst track record in Child Protection should be doing more to help the children.

As much of an attack on childrens nurseries many feel this is an attack on single parents who will find it worse off to go to work beacuse they will do get benefits such as Tax Credits, help with childcare costs, help with rent so although the living wage is intended to help people earn enough to live off they will actually be worse off.

Nursery worker do an incredible job an are not nearly paid enough and we welcome the idea to help them earn more but until the city recognises the value of the work that we do and increases the nursery grants to compensate for this increase all that will happen is that children and families across the city will suffer and quality nurseries will be a thing of the past as everybody will have to cut costs and perhaps many corners.

Please help save the nurseries and protect the children form the cities, ( and governement) latest cost saving scheme. We HAVE ALREADY PAID TOO MUCH FOR THE BANKS BLUNDERS OUR CHILDREN SHOULD BE SPARED.


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