Put Estate Residents First by Developing New Bungalows and Houses on Bells Lane Site

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Ben Brittain is launching a campaign to put Estate residents FIRST in the redevelopment of Druids Heath. He is looking for your support to pressure the council to build new counci Houses and Bungalows on the former Royal British Legion on Bells Lane. 

The Council’s proposal to rgenerate our area feels like it ignores estate residents that live in the properties that are earmarked for demolition. Ben Brittain has spoken at length to families that are concerned about where they will be forced to move after eviction, whether that be as far out as Aston, Sparkbrook, or Handsworth. With resident’s help Ben Brittain is putting together an alternative plan to the shoddily organised council proposal. One of Ben Brittain’s ideas puts estate residents at the heart of the regeneration, by using the former site on Bells Lane to house vulnerable estate residents that are under the threat of eviction.

Ben says: “The  site on Bells Lane is not involved in the plans put forward by the council. This site is perfect for redevelopment. I believe that one of the first steps in the regeneration project should be the compulsory purchase of this site, the construction of bungalows and high-quality social housing, with priority for this modern housing stock to be given to estate residents that are under threat of eviction.

Ben concludes: “In this alternative redevelopment plan vulnerable elderly people, proud armed forces veterans and young families should be given priority for council housing stock on this site. This innovative idea of using site on Bells Lane re-home estate residents first will go some way to helping estate residents that are worried about their future.”

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