Provide CT Scanning Facilities for Post Mortems, to Prevent Delays in Funerals

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A Big Thank you

Lucy and I wanted to say a big thank you to you all for supporting this petition by signing , talking and sharing it. Your support has really helped us along the way and has made such a big difference.This last May we had meeting with Birmingham city council we put forward our case for why the city needs to have access to a CT scanner for post mortems. We shared our stories of what we and many other families have been through, we presented all the research that we had found that supported the benefits of such a scannerPreet Kaur Gill mp has been a huge support to us she attended the council meeting and shared her views on why the city needed this scanner.We are thankful to say that Birmingham council have heard and listened to our concerns.Just a few miles down the road in Sandwell a CT scanner was already in place for the Black country region. Birmingham did not have access to this. Now negotiations have occurred that allow for the city of Birmingham to use this facility and not only Birmingham but Wolverhampton and Walsall have access .Our hope is that this will extend to further regions. The CT scanner has the capability for many more scans.The current plan is for a 12 month trial but again we hope and are pushing for this to be a permanent plan.Our goal as always been that no other family should experience the unnecessary delays or second post mortem like we did. Slowly we are getting there. Thank you again for your continued support. By signing this petition you have made a differenceLove Elaine and Lucy

Lucy Harrison
3 years ago