Promote Motorcycles as a Solution to Improve Birmingham's Air Quality

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We the undersigned believe that charging PTWs of any age is contrary to the objective of Birmingham's proposed Clean Air Zone, and that promotion of a modal shift from single occupancy cars to PTWs should be included as a positive policy to address the air quality challenge.

There is no evidence presented in the Birmingham City Council proposals to demonstrate that levels of pollution created by PTW's have been measured or modelled. The consultation paperwork clearly states “So far, we have not considered whether motorcycles/mopeds should be charged”.

Given reports from Transport for London ( demonstrating that small petrol cars emit an average of 6.5 times more Oxides of Nitrogen than small PTWs using bus lanes, and the Leuven study report ( which demonstrated that a 10% modal shift from cars to PTWs results in a 40% redction in congestion for all road users and a reduction of CO2 by 7.5%, NOX by 5.5%, PM2.5_exhaust by 4% and PM2.5_non-exhaust by 16%, there is a very strong case to promote a modal shift of this kind in Birmingham.

Failure to implement, or at the very least to consider, such a policy is therefore a neglect of the council's statutory duty to consider all possible methods to improve air quality to legal levels "in the shortest possible time"