Prevent Drastic Fund Changes Towards Organisations such as Age Concern

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In the UK, 23% of the population are those aged 60 and over. 40% of this number have a long-term illness or disability that restricts them from being a part of greater society.

The number of "older" ones is expected to grow twice as much as it is now in the UK which means there will need to be a greater need for facilities such as care homes (or residential) homes and day facilities.

In a survey conducted by the charity organisation MHA, there are three main concerns when a person starts to age. These are personal finance, health and wellbeing and companionship, or loneliness. Many organisations provide support in these areas, particularly in companionship.

However, many organisations are starting to close down due to lack of funds. One charity at risk of this is the Age Concern facility in Harbourne.

Age Concern provides support to older ones in our society in a variety of ways. Currently, the Birmingham City Council provide an amount that helps support service users who need the companionship and assistance during the day centre hours, but they rely on private funds from the service and their families. If the Birmingham City Council decides to cut MORE funding from this particular Age Concern, and similar facilities around Birmingham, this facility is more at risk of being closed down.

This particular day centre provides support and care for a range of service users, particularly those who suffer from dementia. Currently, in the UK, there are 850,000 people who suffer from this brain disorder.

To help Age Concern, and similar charity organisations throughout Birmingham, we plan to push Birmingham City Council to see the problem being faced by the growing number of those ages 60 or over in our society.

By signing this petition, you help us create a better change for those in our society, especially those aged 60 or over. The media stereotype of this small section of our society had clouded our minds on the reality of what occurs in the lives of these people. As NCS Team Ward, we want to make it clear to everyone the reality that we face.