Objection against HMO- 101 Friary Road

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Dear residence of Handsworth Wood,

101 Friary road has been brought to the Handsworth Wood residence association as a property of great concern. 

The property is already operating as an HMO since this retrospective application 

Our committee members have spoken to local residences who have reported the following activities:

Issues with drug use.

Car parking problems on the narrow service road.

Visitors came at all times of day and night. There were noisy conversations, loud music and fighting had broken out.

Police had been called on several occasions.

The rear garden was unattended and there was rat infestation. They had to fix the rear fence as the landlord didn’t.

There were complaints about sewage problems. 101 was the only property not checked.

Previously Many residents put in objections and a meeting was held with Cllr Kooner.

At this meeting 25 Grestone Road was also discussed. This belongs to the same landlord and is let to an agency who supposedly offer “light support. The neighbour of that property was also facing problems with residents with anti-social behaviour and on occasion violence. Again police were involved and have considered closing this property.

From a planning point of view over crowding is an issue. The property was said to be detached in the application. It is semi-detached making life for the residents of 99 very difficult.

Please sign this petition to change this situation for residences of Handsworth Wood. 



Handsworth Wood Residence association