Keep Birmingham bike track open!

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Perry Barr Bike and BMX track is at risk of being closed completely as of 26/01/2018 the park is temporally closed pending time to follow "due process" yet not giving any further details. Some of the clubs are still on at a diminished capacity - due process is supposed to be fare, we don't think this is acceptable.

Children as young as 18 months can take along their bikes just for some fun on the mini bike track or sign up for taught lessons with people who can only be described as miracle working legends! 2-3 year olds able to ride a bike completely unaided without stabilisers,  Kids older than 13 go, they're not on the streets riding recklessly endangering themselves or motorist, they are actively involved in a club that teaches them to ride responsibly and how to control their bikes surely, this can't be bad.

The current lease holders came into some difficulty and a financial rescue package from a consortium of individuals that would have settled all the arrears of the business was rejected by Birmingham City council. As from Monday 29th 2018 Birmingham City Council take full control of the site. Wed like to show how much the park means to everyone who has visited and to keep it going. The goal is the continuation for kids to have fun.

There are too many locations closing and being built on, kids are ending up on the street getting bored and causing damage. we need as many signatures as possible to show Birmingham City Council how local parks such as this are needed, this bike park is visited by people near and far all over the world.

The kids need it, the community wants it and the visitors keep coming back, Please help keep this Park alive!!