Demand traffic calming measures on Clapgate Lane urgently

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In the early hours of Saturday morning (1/9/18) a car speeding along Clapgate Lane, Bartley Green, lost control at the roundabout and ploughed across our front garden and into our neighbour's porch, totally demolishing it.

This is the third incident like this to happen in 6 years. The last was only 18 months ago. That's 3 times too many.

Clapgate Lane is long, straight and for the most part runs alongside the country park and the industrial estate. It is a 30 mph limit however the road often ends up getting abused by drivers speeding at excess speeds and it is putting residents and property at risk. 

It was terrifying being woken to the sound of a car ploughing into the row of houses in which you live. The sight of an upturned car in my front garden is not one which will leave me quickly. Nor will having to call the emergency services to relay the scene. Nor will seeing an unconscious body being dragged from the car across the garden. The biggest trauma however was thinking what could have happened. Our baby daughter was asleep in the front of the house. The car could have hit someone walking back from the pub. Our neighbours could have been in the porch. How many times does an incident like this have to happen before a fatality is caused?

Last time this happened we asked the council to put in a safety barrier to protect ourselves and our properties. The council installed a chevron sign but it does nothing to actually slow the speed of drivers that cause this devastation in the first instance.

We are petitioning to the council to act urgently and to enforce the 30 mph speed limit along Clapgate Lane and Woodgate Lane to make our area safe.