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DECRIMINALIZE Marijuana Possession in Birmingham, Al.

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United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling back Obama-era Justice Department charging and sentencing guidelines, instructing federal prosecutors to charge defendants with the most serious crime possible. This is a drastically different approach to drug-related offenses than the one taken under former Attorney General Eric Holder, who had ordered federal prosecutors in 2013 to refrain from charging defendants with certain offenses that could see long mandatory minimum sentences. Republican US Senator Rand Paul agrees that, "Mandatory minimum sentences disproportionally affect minorities and low-income communities, while doing little to keep us safe and turning mistakes into tragedies... Congress can come together in a bipartisan fashion to change these laws."

As legislators debate this in our United States congress, it is imperative that we fight these policies on the local level as well. It is in that spirit that we call upon the Citizens of Birmingham to join us in a rally to urge our Birmingham City Council to "decriminalize the use of marijuana" to protect poor citizens in our communities from being subjected to unnecessary encounters with the justice system while tying up valuable resources that should be directed at pursuing real crime. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we see this as an attempt by the Trump administration to further enslave our people under the 13th Amendment. Birmingham is a city known for its fight for civil rights and injustices. This is not an attempt to legalize marijuana, simply decriminalize marijuana in Birmingham. 

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