Make Cora Harper romanceable for Sara, (A call for inclusiveness)

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Dear Bioware, we as LGBTQ community strongly appreciate your effort for inclusiveness in all your titles, and it is comforting to read  you are already at work to improve the male Ryder romance options. There is still one thing we would like to ask you in regard of romances: make Cora an available option also for Sara.

Yes, we already kinda know the answer “Some people are gay and some are not, deal with it”

The above sentence is clearly true, but only in the real world. In a rpg game, where Shepard is still Shepard even if we make him female, or spatial rather than earthborn or ugly rather than handsome, well… We can't  see why our Cora cannot be a powerfull trustworthy biotic and still romancing Sara. Consider that we are not asking to make her gay, but bisexual so that no one will be cut off from the best romance option present in the game.


Hoping that our request will be taken in consideration we are launching a petition to show in number how much we care.

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