Eqaulity for Indigenous Communities across Australia. Relax restrictions on communities

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It is not Jan 26th but you can still stand up for indigenous rights! States are relaxing restrictions for everyone except Indigenous communities.

Lock down Laws are discriminating against Indigenous communities in Australians. Communities are told its for our "Protection".

In 2015 former Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated Aboriginal peoples living in rural communities were making a "lifestyle choice".

Is it a "Lifestyle choice" to be racial discriminated against? 

Some examples of the Government telling us it was for our "Protection"

- Missions
- Stolen generation
- Nt Intervention
- 2015 closure of communities

Look how they turned out.

The experience so far in my community has looked like this.

- full lock down over night in March no heads up.
- no access to food fought with woolies and coles to get deliveries over here.
- police boat patrol the coast of Yarrabah to stop traditional hunting.
- boats being taken when caught coming back.
- workers from town still allowed in and out during state lock down laws.
- medical appointments in town having to be cancelled because people can not stay in town for 2wks.
- army patroling the range stopping country man from walking over the hill into town.
- highway patrol fining people for minor infringments.
- no access to dentist, machanics and vets
- no information from Local state or federal governments.
- restriction have been relaxed twice and we remain restricted.

The thing I am most disappointed about is being told it is for our own protection.

Maybe for once we could let, the elected local Government determined how they want to be protected.

I don't see the same restrictions on suburban Indigenous people who are also a high risk.