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Say no to $BPMX R/S

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Hello fellow $BPMX (Biopharmx) investors 

Myself and many other $BPMX investors are very concerned about the possibility of a reverse split happening they have stated they already have approval to do so.

In some cases a reverse split can be a good thing but i do not believe that to be the case with this company the trend they have been on the last few months i truly believe if they do proceed with a reverse split without announcing any news the price will not hold at the split value.

The second part of a reverse split that i personally do not like or agree with is it only impacts us (common stock) negatively and impacts managements shares positively due to less overall shares means price goes up if even temporary but management shares are not part of the reverse split so they benefit from the price going up while we lose shares and may not hold the new split value.

If you agree and believe a reverse split from biopharmx is a bad idea please sign the petition and comment your name and how many shares you own you may also message me on stocktwits the info. 


Thank you 

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