Make SCORR Mandatory

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!

Hello Biola community. It is not a surprise that our world is deeply hurting right now due to injustice, inequity, and racism. As a Biola community, we have a unique and powerful asset that we are underutilizing that could potentially change our campus culture drastically. SCORR, or The Student Congress on Racial Reconciliation, is a conference held on our campus every Spring semester in which students from BU as well as all over the country are invited to engage in difficult conversations about race and learn their individual roles in racial reconciliation on their campuses and in the world. This conference is powerful, but it is unfortunately not mandatory for students to attend. This MUST change.

Jesus was the ultimate advocate and we are taught to love and fight for others as he did and SCORR is one method in which our community can learn how to do so better. I am asking for 750 signatures to present to BU faculty to ask to make SCORR mandatory, even if for just one session. 

If your heart has been broken by the injustice and blatant lack of basic needs for humanity, then I ask you to use those convictions and sign this petition. No matter what your race, socioeconomic background, or knowledge of what racial reconciliation is, I encourage you to take this jump with me and show BU staff and faculty that we want to take diversity seriously at Biola and demand the practical steps to do so. Together, we can change our community. MAKE SCORR MANDATORY!

Sincerely, Kinsey Makkar, Anna Maumalanga, & Katie Bean