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Hello everyone! We would first like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has signed and shared this petition. Change is coming and every time YOU share your ideas and passion, we get a step closer to bringing that reform. To Alum and past staff who have signed, your insight and reflections on your time here bring so much perspective. To current students, please remember we are fighting for our community NOW and your support means everything.

Second, we would like to bring up that although many of us are not too happy about the recent statement made by DBC and Biola about recent events, we still love Biola and its administration. It is with that love that we must remember that our enemy is not DBC but is with systematic racism and social injustice in our world. So we ask that you take your frustrations, hurt, and heavy hearts and bring that to this petition so that we can turn everything we are fighting for into practical and real change one step at a time. We can do this!

Lastly, it has come to my attention that Biola recently released their new Institutional Diversity Strategic Plan (link attached) in which at the very bottom states that one plan is to "Work toward enhancing the SCORR conference to become a national conference." SCORR is already open to students across the country, but if our own students do not attend and find value in challenging conversations that not only prepare them for comprehensive professional career but also as Christian leaders, then making it national will not aid our hurting community. In order to truly change our community, SCORR needs more funding, more university support, and mandatory attendance. 

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to message any of us on Instagram at anytime. (@annamauma, @katie.marie.bean & @nab1ha.nad1a). Please continue sharing your hearts and this petition. We are so thankful for you all! 

-Kinsey, Anna, and Katie

Katie Bean
6 months ago