Dear Biogen Co. Please Gift Norsa Compassionate Use of Spinraza. She Deserves Treatment.

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22 month old Norsa Salehi is inflicted with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 2. The only medication that can save her life is Spinraza, the century's most expensive drug, which costs $750,000!!! Norsa is now in Iran. Biogen Company which markets Spinraza does not have any connection or contract with Iranian ministry of health at this moment.

Norsa deserves to be given a chance to live more days and years. Norsa deserves compassionate use of Spinraza. Please give her a chance to buy the medicine in a lower price. It's not fair that he loses the critical time for treatment at this young age.

The company does not even sell the set of 6 portions of the medicine separately. This baby is in dire need of the medicine. She deserves treatment. Nothing else can be done for her. There is a campaign to raise money for this little baby girl in Iran through Telegram.

Norsa's Telegram Campaign Link:

Dear Biogen Company, please gift Norsa some compassionate use of the medication or lower prices before it is too late! Please cooperate with this family and support them to start their treatment as soon as possible. No kid in this world deserves to be left to gradually or eventually die.

Norsa Instegram ID: norsa.salehi

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