Removal of the species Boa constrictor from the list of invasive species.

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“invasive species” means any species whose establishment and spread outside of its natural distribution range- (a) threaten ecosystems, habitats or other species or have demonstrable potential to threaten ecosystems, habitats or other species; and (b) may result in economic or environmental harm or harm to humalisten health; The Boa constrictor has been added to the catagory 2 list of invasive species with various restrictions due to it been classified as such. We do not believe that parallel research or case studies on the threat as such of the Boa can objectively be applied from a completely different continent, biosphere or region. The act itself makes it clear that a research organ need to be set up and applied within the specified time period to deal with not only these species' status on the list but revisions as well. Until such time that proper local studies, research or case studies prove the oppisite in our local regional environments. This species has not yet proven to be the threat which has been assumed, based on studies in other parts of the world, locally. Local tempetatures, natural prey, natural habitat and so forth needs to be studied to prove the contrary and to date there are no evidence to prove that this species belong on the catagory 2 list or any of the catagories on the invasive species list other than it being an alien/exotic species. Please add your voice/signature to this petition to help save this species from the invasive list of species.

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