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BU Conduct Case: Help Stop an Unreasonable Punishment

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As of recent, a student attending Binghamton University has been wrongly punished and sanctioned for an incident in which he had minimal involvement. The student, on 2 occasions, was pressured by his roommate via text messages to give small amounts of marijuana to people who had been knocking on their door. This would occur when the student's roommate was out of the room. Not wishing to be bothered any further, the student would quickly hand over the black, opaque bags in his roommate's desk to those at the door. The student accused has never gained any money or benefit from his roommate's business, and was not found with any marijuana in his possession when the police had raided their room, with a warrant specifically for their roommate. In their search, the police had only found paraphernalia with marijuana residue in the accused student's possession. In light of this all, the university has chosen to pursue maximum sanctions against this student, accusing him of drug dealing. Prior to this incident, the student had a clean record with both the law and the student conduct office, and was clearly unaware of the gravity of the mistake he had been pressured into. As written in the school's sanctioning guidelines, the typical sanctions against the first offense of the possession of marijuana (including paraphernalia with residue) is a 1-year disciplinary warning/probation. The Binghamton University Student Conduct Office has given the accused student the options of full and permanent withdrawal from the university with mentioning of said removal on his record, or a four-semester suspension with permanent removal from all university housing. We believe that this student willingly did nothing more than temporarily possess marijuana, a mistake to which the student has admitted to. Expulsion is something that damages a student's future, and a four-semester suspension is also capable of doing so. We do not believe that these sanctions fit the actions of the student, and are asking for your help in convincing the Binghamton University Conduct Office to provide a far more appropriate punishment. Any and all signatures are appreciated!

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