Bring Back Binghamton's Safe Ride Program

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Binghamton University has announced that they will be discontinuing their Safe Ride program for the Fall semester due to concerns about COVID-19. Safe Ride is a free service that students can call between 9 pm and 3 am to request a ride back to their dorms if they ever feel unsafe walking late at night, no questions asked. The regular on-campus shuttle service will be running, however its service ends at 1 am, meaning that students will be forced to walk alone after that time, potentially putting themselves in danger simply for trying to get home. 

An instagram account, @shareyourstorybing, began posting a little over a month ago and has already posted nearly 700 stories submitted by students regarding their experiences with sexual assault in the Binghamton community. BU has responded to this once with a one paragraph statement that was copied and pasted listing resources that have continuously failed to hold the abusers accountable and show support to the survivors who have bravely come forward. The administrative negligence is rampant, with these offices supposedly designed to protect students repeatedly ignoring reports of serial offenders in the student body and the University's faculty. Halting Safe Ride is just the latest message to the students at BU that their safety is not a priority.

We demand that Binghamton University's administration resume its Safe Ride service. This is not nearly enough to make up for the administration's continued failure to support its students who have faced sexual violence at the hands of faculty, students, and organizations, and BU certainly has a lot of work to do to make its students feel safe. Bringing back Safe Ride is one of the bare minimum actions that the University can take to show that they stand by survivors and care about their safety. Please sign and share this petition to show the school just how important this service is and how many people rely on it.