Bingham County Commissioners

Bingham County Commissioners

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Esther Scott started this petition to Bingham County Commissioners

Due to the accidents occurring at the county crossroads at 100 N 740 W, we as Bingham Country residents in the surrounding area are concerned about safety. This busy crossroad could be safer with some changes.

We are petitioning for 3 changes:

1. Reduction of speed approaching the stop signs on 100 N crossing 740 W

2. (2) Stop signs replaced on 100 N

3. Better visibility on the Northeast corner of 100 N 740 W junction.

(1) A common cause of these accidents is vehicle speed and vehicles running the stop signs on 100 N. We are petitioning for slower speeds approaching the stop signs on 100 N (Pioneer) and that they are posted. Currently Pioneer is 50 mph for vehicles traveling westbound and 45 mph for vehicles traveling eastbound. The main thoroughfare 740 W has the right-a-way with no stop signs. 

(2) We are petitioning for (2) stop signs on 100 N (Pioneer) to be replaced with solar blinking stop signs or larger stop signs.

(3) Recent accidents with westbound vehicles running the stop sign have sighted trouble with seeing the stop sign due to trees on the north side of the road. The County trimmed them, but it is only a band-aid. The problem is still there. The visibility at this 'Northeast' corner junction approaching the stop sign is diminished for westbound vehicles traveling on 100 N as well as southbound vehicles traveling on 740 W. We are petitioning for better visibility on the Northeast corner. If there are county ordinances regarding visibility at a county road junction, we respectfully request it to be enforced. 

This crossroad is extremely slick in winter resulting in accidents. May we suggest that County sanding trucks sand the crossroads for at least 100 feet before the stop signs instead of only by the stop signs.

Thank you 

Bingham County Residents


218 have signed. Let’s get to 500!