Get Telcoin on Binance

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What is Telcoin?

Telcoin is an all new ‘mobile cryptocurrency solution’ that lays particular focus on integrating “cryptocurrencies with mobile networks globally”. Through this mode of action, Telecoin envisions to make conversions between telecom mobile money and, prepaid credit and postpaid billing platforms more easy.

Other key aspects of this service include:

Fully Compliant with telecom operator guidelines: this platform stays in line with all international telecom regulations, and will be exclusively distributed by GSMA mobile network operators.

Widespread Availability:

Telcoin has partnered with all of the major mobile network providers across the globe to bring this crypto based service to over 5 billion mobile users.

Our goal?

To get Telcoin on the Binance exchange and by doing so mutually benefiting it's users by allowing them trade Telcoin, and binance by making their platform more appealing to the larger crypto market.

If you share this vision, please share this petition with friends and share it on Binance's social media.