Remove binance's ban on sudan

Remove binance's ban on sudan

January 31, 2021
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Binance cryptocurrency exchange
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Started by Muaaz Ibraheem

To: Binance exchange and its respected director, Mr. Changpeng Zhao

Subject: A request to remove Sudan from the banned countries list from using the Binance platform for trading digital currencies.

How are you? We hope you are always fine.

With reference to the above subject.

We inform you that the State of Sudan has been removed from the list of American economic sanctions that restrict financial dealings with Sudan since October 2017 ... and also thanks to the recent efforts of the Government of Sudan with the United States government, President Trump's administration in December removed Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, and this consequently. Also, the removal of all financial dealing restrictions related to the sanctions of the list of states sponsoring terrorism, and you can confirm this through the links from the official sources below.

Our humble request is only that you allow SUDAN IP address to benefit the great services that your platform provides ..

We know very well some of the features that cannot be made available now for traders in Sudan on your platform, such as:

- The process of payment to and from the platform due to the lack of readiness of payment methods through payment cards, and this process is now being processed through our local banks, as a number of banks operating in Sudan have actually obtained a license to issue payment cards from Visa and MasterCard, and it is expected that Visa cards will be issued. And MasterCard in the next short period.

And other features that make you depend on the third-party providers.

We want to alert you that we have suffered greatly and are still suffering due to the lack of these services due to the previous political issues and complications that were associated with the former regime.

And now Sudan is going through a new phase and openness to the world after the lifting of US sanctions, and your platform will be the first to open its services to Sudan, which means the possibility that it will acquire the largest percentage of users in Sudan, and this in itself will increase the number of Sudanese who will enter the field of investing in digital currencies through your platform That will be the first and only one available to them.

We chose to address you without the rest of the competing companies because we in the community of digital currency traders in Sudan believe that you are the best in this market and we have a great trust in the quality and diversity of your services 

Finally, we thank you for looking at our request. We hope that you take this request into you consideration. Thank you. We wish you success always.

Links from official sources about removing Sudan from the list of US sanctions and the list of states that sponsor terrorism

And accompanied by this request, you will find a set of signatures for Sudanese citizens hoping to lift the ban on using the Binance platform.

Waiting for your positive response, accept our sincere appreciation and respect.



Sudanese cryptocurrencies community. 

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Signatures: 1,458Next Goal: 1,500
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