6 instead of 4 “Little Bites” in a package.

6 instead of 4 “Little Bites” in a package.

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Started by Cristian Vera

According to the Little Bites website “Entenmann's Little Bites® Chocolate Chip Muffins are always baked moist and delicious.” Without a doubt I believe this is factually correct and I know others believe it as well.These muffins are so good I could eat a whole box by myself. They are a work of art that needs to be enjoyed more. The scrumptious muffins are enjoyed by millions but it’s not enough. We have to increase the muffin to pack ratio.

Now I know what your thinking…First of all, some of you don’t even like little bites. Secondly, some people could care less for little bites and how many come in a package.


We need more. Now. I want 6 muffins instead of 4, and I know a lot of people agree. If you don’t care. Just sign anyway to help the people who care.

spread on social media….help the cause….�

23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!