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I am not famous or rich. I am just a freelancer who busts his butt every day to make my living as a graphic designer and feed my family. I got fed up with companies exploiting me for my creativity over and over. So I started a website. Now this petition. My goal is simply to spread the truth about sites like 99 Designs and any other entity that asks freelancers to work for free. Past that we are creating a new crowdsourcing platform that exploits nobody. But that part is up to me and our creative time. I still need your support though

Here's the reason you as an individual should sign my petition?

Do you know 99 Designs? That company that gives you 100 logo choices for the price of one. What's to complain right? There's a reason for that great deal. Guess what they don't pay 1,350,000 million of the people that work for them. That's right 99 Designs has at least 1,400,000 designers working for them and they pay less than 3% of those skilled workers. or at least that is what Zach Kulas director of global support at 99 Designs told me mistakingly in our phone interview before he mysteriously hung up.  Running a whole business that's livelihood is to ask people to work for free. That is plain and simple a crime against humanity and sadly it's going on worldwide. It may not make the evening news or the front page, but it is flat out exploitation in monumental proportions. So as businesses get more and more accustom and oblivious to how wrong free crowdsourcing sites are our voice will be getting louder and louder to counteract that effect.

How can you help?

Behind most every business is a lot of individuals making choices every day that affect countless people. Do your part to stop this exploitation. The signature is just a symbol. Action is what really matters. Boycott free contest sites like