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It's Friday night, you're cruising down the boulevard, looking for something to do and more importantly looking for a sick tight song on the radio to jam on to. Whether you're with your girl about to hit the clubs, or with the buddies looking for some late night strange the right song can make or break the night. You finally settle on a station and those iconic arena rock drum hits come through the speakers and you look to each other with glee in your eyes and yes oh yes, it's The Stroke by Billy Squier. Everyone in the vehicle is now pumped, high fives are being exchanged, some "woos" are being thrown out. Your buddy in the back is fist pumping and singing the "Stroke me, Stroke me" back up vocals, passenger seat is doing the drum parts, driver is air guitaring. It's a magical song. But there's just one problem, it's too short, by the time you reach full pumpage and excitement, the song is over, and that is the real injustice.

So I'm calling for Billy Squier to re-record "The Stroke" into a 30 minute epic and the short version be banned from radio, only the 30 minute Stroke version should be played from now on.

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