The Plight of a VA caregiver

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Hello, my name is Billy Cruse. I'm a Veteran, US Army and a Caregiver/Husband of a Veteran, US Navy.
I'm the only one able to work and have been discriminated against via..Title I, II, and V of the ADA and FMLA laws in the most grotesque way.
To cover or try to hide Discrimination, my former employer (Dynamic Foods Bakery) in Lubbock Texas terminated me and pressed False Assault charges on me. I did not Assault anyone, but I'm a Black Man and calling the Police on us for any reason has become a Common American Routine these days, especially among white people (Richard Hill...Rosa Baeza...Julian Guadalcazar...MargaretTaye...Dynamic Foods).  I no longer have a job and my Veteran's RSD/PTSD is getting worse by the day. She's actually blaming herself for this mess. I'm having to fight for unemployment while even Texas Workforce Commission Unemployment has discriminated against us, complete and total denial of unemployment, based on Dynamics' DYNAMIC lies and we get No government assistance(food stamps, housing etc...) at all. We only get VA compensation, which we've Earned! 

Please Please help us expose all of them; we have absolutely no one to turn to and our 3 kids are suffering because of this wrongful act and Texas Workforce Commission UI's wrongful act. Help us get our story out to the Nation please. Put it out everywhere as the general public may be the only hope we have. For details please call or respond to this email. Thanks!!

Billy J Cruse
Veteran, U.S. Army