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Petitioning Bill Walker

Bill Walker: Stand down as the MSP for Dunfermline

Bill Walker was this week found guilty of a string of domestic violence offences including 23 counts of violence against three of his ex-wives. One of his ex wives even reported he gave her a black eye before their wedding day and this can be seen clearly from their wedding photo.

As if being a perpetrator of domestic violence wasn't enough, he vehemently denies these charges, despite the blatant evidence against him and thus refuses to stand down as an MSP despite pleas from high profile politicians such as Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. Walker is a vile man who has no respect for women and is unfit to hold public office. Scottish people deserve better from their elected representatives and that is why we are demanding that Bill Walker stands down.

Letter to
Bill Walker
Domestic violence is a crime that is abhorrent and is not condoned in our modern society. As you were recently found guilty of 23 charges of domestic violence, we think you should do right by the Scottish electorate and stand down as an MSP immediately.

Your attitude to women and the vindication and misogyny you treat them with is completely out of order and should not be tolerated in modern society.