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Put Metal Detectors in Fairview City Schools!

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I am petitioning for metal detectors to be at all unlocked entrances of each school, in order to increase security measures at the Fairview Park City schools.

Why are security measures higher at Airports (and shopping malls for that matter) than the schools that our children attend?

My son, who is a 1st grader, was threatened by a 3rd grader on the bus a few days ago. She admitted to the principal that she told my son "I am going to bring a knife to school and stab you". They say it has been taken care of, but has it? Could she still do it? Of course she can.

There are no metal detectors and no security in our schools, but why? Are our taxes not high enough? Our enrollment fees not high enough? It is all about excuses until something horrible happens IN OUR SCHOOLS! This latest school shooting in Florida, was in a city that was just voted the safest to live in. Well, this should serve as proof that safety is fleeting. My son was seriously threatened and your child could be, too (or worse).

Think of it like this- Airports took security measures to another level after just ONE incident. There have been countless school shootings and incidents of violence in schools, just in the past decade! Why are we turning a blind eye to this issue, just because it wasn't our schools?? At least it isn't...this time. Are our kids safe because they lock the door? No. I walk right into the office and I am buzzed into the school without them even knowing who I am! With metal detectors at all unlocked entrances, we will have peace of mind that people can't just stroll on in to our schools with weapons.

I am asking for something SO SMALL to protect our most precious treasures- our children. Won't you please sign to ask Fairview City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Bill Wagner, to make this happen? 




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