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BILL THROOP & KENNETH MULDER: Release Bill and Lou to Vine Sanctuary!


Bill and Lou are 2 oxens who have been a working team of oxen at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont for 10 years. They were pressed into service by Cerridwen Farm (the teaching farm on campus) to do everything from plowing fields to generating electricity.

A few months ago, Lou became unable to be worked any longer; Bill won't work with anyone else. Therefore, the college has concluded that both of them must be killed.

DEATH is their reward for 10 LONG YEARS of hard work for humans.

Yes, Green Mountain College has decided that Bill and Lou's long lives of service for humans should be rewarded by their slaughter - and for what? According to their own press releases, the school will get, at best, a couple of months of low-grade hamburger out of their bodies.

All of this is especially heartbreaking because Bill & Lou have an excellent home waiting for them at Vine Sanctuary, which has also offered to arrange transport and veterinary care for both Bill & Lou. Sadly, though, the college is determined to kill them instead.

Bill & Lou gave their best years to humans; for 10 years, they served the needs of humans. Now, it's time to let them serve their own needs. Please sign this petition and tell BILL THROOP and KENNETH MULDER of GREEN MOUNTAIN COLLEGE to release Bill & Lou to Vine Sanctuary.

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  • Farm Manager, Research Associate & Adjunct Assistant Professor at Green Mountain College
    Kenneth Mulder
  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Green Mountain College
    Bill Throop

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