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Tell the FAA to restore DTC DUAT pilot briefings

Up until July 15th, thousands of pilots depended on DTC DUAT to prepare for a safe flight and file their flight plans every day. DTC DUAT had been there for 26 years, yet the FAA decided to force DTC DUAT to shut down by blocking access to the FAA networks that provide public weather data and transmit flight plans.

There are over 300,000 General Aviation pilots (the "little guys" that fly small airplanes - not the pilots that fly for commercial airlines) that are registered with the DTC DUAT system.  Many of these pilots have used DTC DUAT as an FAA-subsidized service for 26 years.

DTC was seeking to continue to run the DUAT system as a privately-funded venture, but the FAA originally acted in a retaliatory manner because DTC filed a protest with the FAA's Office of Dispute Resolution for Acquisition and claimed they could not work on DTC's request for continued access to the FAA's networks until the protest was resolved. The FAA now says that they are working on approving continued access, but the process keeps dragging along.

The only way to restore DTC DUAT pilot briefings is for pilots to put pressure on the FAA through your congressmen and through organizations such as AOPA ( and NBAA (

Please contact your Congressional representative (see to find your congressmen)

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