Stop the punitive and harsh changes proposed to the Australian citizenship test!

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This group is intended to reach those affected by the proposal of the Turnbull Government to apply punitive and unexpected changes to the application of Australian Citizenship.

We believe that the current citizenship test as it stands today is indeed light in comparison to the hurdles, expensive and onerous processes required to apply for Permanent Residency and hence we support the general idea of strengthening this test. Some the changes however are harsh and impact negatively in the lives of many of us Permanent Residents that have lived in Australia for many years, have integrated already well with the community, have paid our fair share of taxes since day one we moved to Australia and are eager to become 100% part of the Australian family. Many of our family, career, and financial plans will need to be on hold for 3 more years and be impacted profoundly if some of the proposed changes come into effect.

We ask the government to review the current proposal, consider the negative impacts that some of these changes will have in the life of new Australians and to properly plan the right changes to the application to citizenship.