STOP the Coal Mines in NSW

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Coal: don't dig it! Leave it in the ground, it's time to get with it!

Just last week, I was deeply moved by Leonardo di Caprio's documentary, Before the Flood. The images of deforestation in Peru, rising sea levels in Florida and overwhelming overnight rainfall in India that literally washed farmer's crops away convinced me that now, more than ever, climate change is descending upon us. 

And this is not just a distant problem on the other side of the world. Australians like you and me know that we have lived through unprecedented droughts that have bled communities dry, heatwaves that have ruined our fragile Reef, and fires that burned the leftovers to ash. We know that this shouldn't be happening. Our politicians know that these sufferings are a direct cause of our inaction on climate change and the pollution that fills the air and poisons the Murray River. 

And yet, was I surprised to hear that not one, but two, huge coal-fired power plants had been proposed for construction in the Kurri Kurri region, right in the middle of the habitat of the critically-endangered regent honeyeater? No! 

Please, tell Scott Morrison and Premier Berejiklian that we will NOT have any more coal in Australia! As this March has shown, 150 000 young Australians marched against dirty energy and the Adani mine. An overwhelming majority of scientists agree that climate change is real and is caused by man-made carbon emissions. If we can do it to Adani we can do it here too! 

Don't let a foreign power company cause more suffering for Australian families and their future. If you can only do one thing today, then please, Choose Your Children. 

We don't have much time to save our earth.