Remove tax exemption from the churches

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The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has  found Church leaders to be deceitful and dishonest. 

They are doing everything they can to hide the truth.

Anyone who spoke out was belittled and ostracised.

We now know that tens of thousands of children have had their lives destroyed by despicable and unspeakable acts at the mercy of clergy. Not only did the churches do nothing to protect children, they deliberately and systematically concealed the widespread prevalence of abuse, and protected the many many perpetrator's. 

Over generations the numbers of clergy abused children must be in the hundreds of thousands.

The churches were able to infiltrate government and many organisations including our police forces who became compliciate. These influences remain strong.

Nobody can now look at the clergy without knowing they may be themselves pedophiles, or in the very least that they are likely to have kept secret, unthinkable acts against children, putting the reputation of the church before the damage caused by their own behaviours or the behaviours of their piers.

Churches do not deserve their tax exemption status.

Bill Shorten, this may be one of the most difficult challenges of your career. You must act to require all churches to pay taxes. It is untenable that their current status could continue.

Australia can not be the fair society you claim to be committed to if this does not change.