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Hurry and stop the irreversible global warming that threatens to destroy earth

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Climate change is a danger to society, to the whole earth. We caused this and it's time for us to fix it. Hello, I'm Cai and I'm 12 years old. I believe that climate change is a terrible thing that we should focus on as our number 1 priority.

Firstly, we don't know if climate change is reversible or not yet and even if it is, it could take many centuries to bring the world back how it should be. Climate change is more than just hotter in Australia and colder in Canada, it's a big deal. The temperature even just increasing by one degree was a big surprise and it was the beginning of global warming. In only 250 years, our amount of carbon dioxide has increased almost 40% more and our methane levels almost to 150%.
Have you seen any graphs of the ice caps melting? They've gone down around 4 kilometres in the last couple of decades. That means 2 kilometres per decade. How old are you? For every 5 years you should add 1 kilometre to work out how low the ice caps would be in the time of your life. The global sea levels have gone up by 8 inches in a century. That's approximately the width of an A4 piece of paper. And just keep in mind that global sea levels means all over the globe.
Did you know: sunscreen used to go up to SPF: 15 only?
I have a teacher who says she had argued about wearing SPF: 15 when she wanted to use SPF: 4. Now it's is almost compulsary to wear SPF: 50+ if you don't want to get burnt. I wonder when SPF: 100 will come out if we don't do anything now.
With the extra heat and everything, trees and plants are growing faster and then they need to be harvested earlier. That means that the markets are also being affected by climate change. Plants also don't get enough water which is another problem since we have limited water supplies too. Farmer, I think, are most affected by global warming. Not only does it affect all of the crops but it also affects the lifestock health.
Some people may say that global warming isn't our fault and it's just the environment but, really, over 95% of climate change is all humans' faults. 
Dont forget that the hotter it is, the more fires break out. So more backburning during the winter. With both backburning and real fires, there could be smoke everywhere. A few weeks ago they were doing backburning and the whole house smelt like smoke, did that happen to you too? 
Have you thought about the fact that, although we try to save animals from extinction, they could die anyway from global warming. Have you seen the numbers of animals decreasing? I have. I used to have birds chirping in the morning to wake me up but now it's just silence at my window each morning.
Even although this petition may not make a difference, I'm willing to try. I think that some people are just hoping others will end this somehow but I believe that won't happen and we can only stop climate change by all working together. 
Climate change is a large threat to the life of trillions of living things on this planet. This change will not only impact me but everyone in the world in a positive way.
Thank you. 

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