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End Ridiculous House Prices in Australia NOW

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Regardless of the political propaganda and spin that is being manufactured, nobody can actually and in all honesty deny that there is currently a real problem with the cost of buying and/or renting homes within Australia.

Most Australians (regardless of their age) are resigned to the fact that they will never be able to afford their own home unless they win lotto or are the beneficiary of some other type of miracle windfall.

I believe it is every Australian's right to own their own home. Home ownership imparts  to a person the type of security and stability that no other type of rented/leased accommodation can.

To own a home used to be called 'The Great Australian Dream' and our country used to be known as the 'Lucky Country' but sadly neither of those slogans can stand firm as a true picture of our country anymore.

The 'Great Australian Dream' began to die in the 1990's and I would venture to say that the position Australia held as 'the Lucky Country' started to fade around the same time.

No doubt there were numerous factors at play during that time which has bought this about (the introduction of Negative Gearing, the entry into the Global Market, the lax laws that existed and still exist regarding international sales and ownership of Australian land, business' and homes are possibly some of the many ingredients that went into this disastrous blend) but whatever was the most toxic cause aside, the truth of the matter is this:

Unless you are one of the fortunate few who has inherited your parents' legacy (their home/land purchased pre 1990's) or come from a fortunate background or are amongst the top small percentage of earners here you probably wont ever own your own home.

For renters, the picture is no less unattractive. Prices for rental accommodation is ridiculously unfair and affordable for many, many people. Nowadays many people are spending up to half of their income on rental properties and many more are trapped in government and social/community housing with no hope or reality of ever getting out of them.

Recently I went looking in our local market for a rental property only to find that the few (very few)  properties that were available at the lower end of the spectrum started at $350 per week. In fact, some real estates told me that I would find nothing in relation to a 2 or 3 bedroom home in my price range and their lowest listing started at $420 per week. Realistically how is any normal low to middle income family supposed to afford these shameful prices and still be able to cope with ever rising utility and living expenses.

I truly believe that something has to be done by our Government Representatives to reverse this huge problem within Australia. Rental stress and financial stress are two of the biggest factors that are destroying peoples lives and wellbeing. To have to make a choice of eating or paying your rent is not acceptable. We as Australians should have the right to safe, affordable and stable housing from which we can endeavour to create truly productive and fulfilling lives.

The Government struggles to find solutions to the rising mental health problems, domestic violence, increased rates of suicide, unemployment and other issues like rising heart problems and substance abuse. Can they not see that a person's environment and living condition do play a major part in contributing to these types of problems. They are refusing to face the facts that have been documented and presented to them so many times already. They are insisting on looking for cheap quick fixes to these complex issues but are so blind to the obvious.

Australian people need and deserve to be able to live proper lives with a stable home base without having to suffer for it. Australian people are entitled to have a dream and fulfill it. Australian people are being forced to suffer through a crisis that should never have existed and it is their job (the Government Representatives that have been trusted to and elected by the Australian people to look after them. For too long they have sat by and just watched as this enormous balloon of a market was allowed to expand and rise out of the Australian peoples' hands.

Sign this petition and let them know that you are serious about the issue, it is time for you to tell them that they are now expected to get serious on the issue too. No more little handouts and glossy words because we have heard enough waffle from them and it is now the time that they are expected to actually start to do the hard yards that they should have been doing all along.






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