Australian Govt. needs to bring Julian Assange home now, stop extradition to USA.

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A citizen of Australia has just been arrested after being arbitrarily detained for over 7 years by our supposed allies the United Kingdom. This has been ruled unjust and inhumane by the UN. Our brother needs help to come home and to not allow the governments who are not his to rule his life. Bring Assange home now and let him have asylum in his country of birth where we at least still have freedom of speech.

Our government needs to stand up for one of their own and for human rights and demand the return of Julian Assange to his country of birth. He has done nothing wrong and has been vilified and imprisoned because certain states wish to silence him further. And where is his cat?

I started this petition, because…
I am an Australian citizen who finds this whole thing revolting, the government of the United Kingdom has proven their willingness to assist the Americans in their goal of extraditing Assange to their country to imprison him and probably ask for the death penalty.