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Australia 2.0 - keep us funky.

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Australia remains the lucky country in more ways than one. We are blessed with natural resources, a pristine environment an enviable climate and a long history of stable Government. 

Unfortunately, we remain tethered to the results of past planning and policy decisions, often made with good intentions, but that now require upgrading. Australians deserve an enhanced and more rewarding day to day lifestyle as is enjoyed daily in many progressive countries.

- that's why we need Australia 2.0 - to keep Australia funky.

We, the undersigned request the Labor party and you, Mr Shorten, as leader of the opposition, to support a package of initiatives that will enhance Australian society in many ways and continue to attract valuable overseas tourism by; promoting the development of cycling commuter connectivity across all cities, promoting the development of indoor and outdoor rock climbing - the newest Olympic sport, promoting food security through closed cycle organic agriculture and the intelligent reuse of food industry compost, effectively reducing car dependence by prioritising sustainable urban design and creating high density and affordable housing near the coast where possible, reducing the cost of tertiary education, legalising same sex marriage, supporting the arts and music industries by offering more artist residency programs, improving recycling efficiency and closing the waste cycle, providing light rail transport where needed, promoting cross cultural learning and language exchange opportunities for all young students, legalising marijuana and overhauling a judicial system that leads to the criminalisation of indigenous Australians. The world is changing in some important ways and Australians now need to forge their own progressive vision of the future. Let's do it. Let's make it funky.


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