Save Our Grand Bay NB Liqour Store

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Hello Community Members,
We are about to lose another business in our little community and I believe we need to come together as a community to try and save this staple.
The Grand Bay NB LIQUOR STORE is giving up on our community and will be closing their doors this year. This liquor store has been apart of our community for many, many years and our community cannot afford to lose another business. It brings in tax dollars, it supplies jobs and is a staple to our community!! It is not closing due to not making money, it is simply closing so our government can save money at our expense. I believe that the Mayor of Grand Bay and our MLA should be stepping up and trying to save our liquor store, but unfortunately that is not happening. So therefore "US" as a community need to come together and FIGHT to save our liquor store!!! So please make some noise amongst our community, call our MLA, call the town of Grand Bay, let them know that we will not take this lightly. Let's get out there with petitions, make some signs "SAVE OUR LIQUOR STORE", if we sit back and do nothing than we will lose another staple to this community.